Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Riviera

Last week The Pretty Reckless, a new found love. This week I got to see my favorite band, Bright Eyes. It's supposed to be the farewell tour of Bright Eyes, the end of an era. Needless to say I've been very emotional over all this; Conor Oberst was the soundtrack to my adolescence. And the latest album, The People's Key didn't disappoint and the concert was perfection in every way. Not only did I predict the set list based off of my personal favorites, but Conor performed beautifully. The only way the night could've been better is if I got to meet him. Sadly, I didn't but some friends and I are currently planning on going to Milwaukee in April to see Bright Eyes one more time. I'll get back to you on those details.

But for now I'm going to leave you with more concert fashion. The Pretty Reckless was all about edginess. Lots of leather, thick make-up, very punk meets grunge meets Victorian dolls. But at a different venue, The Riviera, with a different style of music entirely (indie-folk-amazing) brings differences in the crowd. Personally I keep the same aesthetic, just tweaking bits and pieces for the crowd. But it's never about what I'm wearing, it's always about the personal styles of those around me. I went through the never ending line to se what everyone was wearing, and the styles I came across ranged in variety as much as Bright Eyes' albums.

So jealous of these three, who were right by the door.
Printed skirts, military coats and ripped jeans.

Dressed in brights that also keep us Chicagoans warm in the wind.
(Isn't it cute how they all wear similar glasses?)

All black is always appropriate especially when you have a giraffe blanket.
As always, obsessed with oversized collars on winter coats.

I love how she's daring enough to wear gladiator sandals, but she balanced it out with a thick red checkered flannel. 

More ripped jeans, floral skirts and cute boots.
Beards are also very trendy these days.

The trick is dressing in multiple layers.
These two got the idea perfectly.

Such a happy color!

More military coats.
Love. Obsessed. Worship.
But I would like some sunshine these days.

Cowboy boots are a nice surprise north of the Mason-Dixon line.

My friends, Chelsey and Kayla.
Chelsey's scarf was bigger than her body.
Which is perfectly acceptable. 

Skinny jeans. Glasses. Military.
(I think we're seeing a trend in the Bright Eyes crowd.)

Thrift store scarves. And more layers.

A happy group of friends decked in everything from leather to paisley prints and old concert tees.

All black, always and maybe some camel.

Crazy tights. Knee-high boots. Cross-body bags.

I have a thing for marquees.
Especially when they say Bright Eyes.

Just because. 

I was going to snag more photos of the line, but then everyone started getting filtered into the theatre so naturally I needed to get back to my spot to ensure an amazing seat for the show. Tomorrow night I'll be at SubT to see some local bands, Farwell, Stay Golden and Believe You Me. So come out and support local talent! Doors open at 6:00 and the show's at 6:30!

"Fashion is an extension of your personality." - Gwen Stefani

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  1. Hey Katie!! What a wonderful write up!

    I just wanted to let you know that Kate Jacobsen is VP of Special Events for PRSSA and Lauren Hadeed (who is pictured with her on the red carpet in the black sparkly dress) is PRSSA president. :)

    Thanks again for your kind words!