Friday, April 1, 2011

College Fashionista & Juicy Couture

If you haven't already started obsessing over College Fashionista now is the time to start. Last night at Chicago's Juicy Couture boutique, 101 East Oak, College Fashionista hosted a nice soiree complete with miniature cupcakes (Chicagoans know good cupcakes), sliders, mocktails and of course shopping! I met up with College Fashionista writers from Columbia, DePaul, and Loyola. And of course the other attendees were just as stylish as the writers.

Columbia Fashionista, Cecilie Davila.

Mile high heels, black lace and dark wash denim = Staples.

Some sparkle and Chanel.

Do away with the winter darks and brighten up with white!

College Fashionista writer for DePaul, Hanna Marie Pageau.

It's still chilly in Chicago.
 The best remedy: oversized cozy sweater.

A fashionable fivesome!
Above the knee skirts, non-fussy plaids and oversized LVs.

Maxi skirts are all about making a statement.
I love how she balances a long 70's skirt with an edgy leather bomber jacket.

You know me, I can never get enough of black on black.

Red lips and sexy sheaths. 

Spring florals in a fall color palette. 
The best way to transition through seasons.

The lovely DJ for the evening.
In between spinning the latest tracks we had time to trade hair dyeing tips.

Statement jewelry. 
A must.

Her gunmetal brocade skirt is an amazing stand-alone piece.

Sidney (an associate) and Dawn (the district manager) of Juicy Couture!
They were fabulous throughout the little party.

Founder of College Fashionista, Amy Levin!
Her look is Jil Sander without the designer price tag.
Love it.

I love how simple and easy his look is.
It's really all about the attitude. 

DePaul's Fashionista, Jose Quinones.
Laid-back and layered.

Always in fashion.

The Juicy Couture/College Fashionista event was a hit.
All shopped, talked, enjoyed the treats and swapped style ideas.
I myself didn't go away empty handed-- because everyone knows I'm a professional shopper-- I came away with a new charm (a kitten dangling from a tree branch) for my Juicy charm bracelet and a black ostrich feather skirt. Had to have it! If it's black and has feathers it's mine.

Hope to see more fresh faces at the next College Fashionista event, until then--

"Fashion today has replaced the movie business in providing us with fantasies and glamour that feed our dreams." - Terry Jones

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