Monday, April 4, 2011

Decades Pop-Up Shop

The overall best trend in fashion, that's never out of style, is vintage. Hands down, vintage pieces can make your wardrobe vastly different from everyone else. Vintage is essentially one-of-a-kind pieces and their character defines more than a single trend in time: Vintage is a living time capsule that every generation can appreciate. Fashion today wouldn't be where it is if the industry didn't care for vintage as much as it does.

That being said, Chicago is full of vintage and second hand stores that are stocked full of treasures waiting to be found by the right person. I believe that each vintage piece (a coat, a ring, scarf, sunglasses, a dress--you name it!) is waiting for the perfect owner because it's so selective. All of my vintage pieces directly reflect who I am, who I want to be and the decade that represented the item. A brocade coat with a mink collar. A gold feather brooch with rhinestones. Perfectly fitted wool jumpers. All with a forties silhouette in mind.

My love for vintage just builds with every perfect piece I find and even if it's not my style I still obsess over the details it has. Naturally, it was hard to contain my excitement when L.A.'s Decades boutique decided to do a pop-up shop in the 900 N. Michigan Shops this past weekend (April 3rd & 4th). I had to investigate even though I knew the designer price tags would be out of reach for my budget and I wasn't sorry. Not only were the owners incredibly friendly, but the selection had me in awe of designer perfection and the perfect keepsakes.

I allowed myself to get creative with photography this week, from gowns to coats, jewelry to decor, Decades pop-up shop was everything I wanted and more. Anyone want to visit L.A. with me?

Beautiful beading on this Temperley London dress.

Mountains of bags! 

Silk chiffon Alexander McQueen.
My personal favorite out of everything.

This Dior fur coat was to die for. So soft!

Oversized Chanel costume jewelry. I think Coco would approve.

The heels on these Dior heels are art themselves.

Pure ivory lace, Marchesa.

Everyone loves Julia Child, especially when Queen Meryl plays her.

Perfect Lanvin draping.

Hermes keepsake boxes. Alligator clutches. Sterling greyhound statues.

Huge jewels on this Prada coat.

This box clutch is perfection.

So many flawless clutches.

Newer jewelry made by one of Decades' owners.
So much silver and gold.

Extensive ostrich feathers with heavy sequins.

"When a work appears to be ahead of its time, it is only the time that is behind the work." - Jean Cocteau 

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