Friday, February 11, 2011

Congress & Wabash

The past three weeks of Columbia's spring semester has been cold, cold, COLD. In between the crazy wind and the bone chilling cold, Columbia students have been going to class in hopes that maybe it will warm up. In the mean time, we've all been obsessing over thick scarves, warm and cozy boots and crossing our fingers that the classrooms will be warm. Since the blizzard I've seen a lot of students take their style down a few notches, favoring warmth over style. But not everyone is taking this approach to late winter fashion.

Meet Alyssa Marie, a television broadcasting major at Columbia. Her effortless, hopeful spring style was a breath of fresh air amongst the UGGs and puffer jackets taking over campus. I was especially surprised when I found out how chic and affordable Alyssa's outfit is. The white tank is by Noble You, the blazer is Hinge and her jeans are by a leading European denim company Salsa. A newer denim company that just came to the states in late 2010. Between her simple tank, easy blazer and trendy denim, the total was $44 at Wicker Park's thrift store "Crossroads." Jealous, right? Her shoes, my personal favorite of the ensemble, are Steve Madden nude, platform stilettos. Oh, and the matching bag and coat? Alyssa's perfect Chicago winter accessories to block the wind and carry books to class.

Since Alyssa is a t.v. broadcasting major, she gets filmed a lot from the waist up, so the blazer has become her staple. She describes her style as sophisticated business casual, with a modern and trendy twist. She's always seen dressed up unless she's coming from the dance studio. Since the blazer is already her best friend, she's excited for spring to come along so she can get away from the basic winter neutrals of black, brown or beige. She wants to mix up spring with a great pastel or bright colored blazer.

Like all students, Alyssa gets distracted in class like the rest of us. But the one thing that definitely takes her away from her notes? Pro Dance Elite. Alyssa gets distracted by thinking of costuming ideas and choreography for the 11-18 year old girls she teaches. She teaches competitive dance to girls and always has her eye on the next competition. She says, "I absolutely adore every minute of my job... I am very lucky to have this position."

It's no surprise coming from a girl in five inch stilettos, who loves to dance and is always behind the camera, that her fashion icon is Victoria Beckham. I can't wait to see Alyssa around campus, to see what else she has up her sleeve.

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